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    A musical firework against the daily monotony. This fire is ignited by five members of the newly formed band IYI, as soon as they start to play their instruments. At the point where melodic guitar riffs and progressive bass lines, sophisticated drum rhythms, dreamy piano runs and pitched saxophone solos say good night, begins the music of IYI. The multicultural quintet is composed of young individuals; each of them has its own style. Rock, Pop, Progressive, Jazz ... well dosed and mixed in the sound of IYI.

    In Addition to their music, the critical lyrics reflect the attitude of all band members. That such criticism does not have to be forced by very serious lyrics, but can be shook of in everyday life as the so-called "first world problems", is shown ironically in songs such as "A Taste of How Life Could Be" or "Money And Smile".

    First EP First World - Buy from Itunes  

    Second EP Out Now - Buy on Itunes 


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    Adress - Mariahilfer Stra├če 52/17

    City - Vienna

    Tel. - 0043 664 194 11 13

    Mail - contact@iyimusic.com